GAR 1002

Jimmy ~ 6 mth old DSH ~ $200

Meet Jimmy – the non-stop purring machine!
This little guy is very affectionate and happy to be around you. Has had a lot of exposure to many different people and experiences since birth, so he isn’t timid and will adjust to new situations quickly. Loves snuggles and naps with new people!

He loves playtime, his favourite toys are strings and things he can chase! He is normally very gentle during playtime, but his new owners must be persistent in not letting him get carried away and bite or claw people.

Jimmy likes to explore, and wants to make friends with people, other cats, guinea pigs and dogs, and will cuddle up to anyone that will let him! He has always shared his food with his brother and sister, and will be interested in human food, but if you tell him to leave it alone he will.

Jimmy would be perfect for a family that wants a devoted and affectionate friend to live in the house with them. He is looking forward to meeting you!

Jimmy is Litter trained, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea and worm treatments

M/Chip #900164001442357

If you would like to meet Jimmy, you can find our Adoption Application here: