Joseph ~ Approx 12 week old Border-Collie X ~$400

Joseph is an adorable puppy who is showing all signs of growing into a healthy, well-balanced, highly trainable, energetic and loyal adult dog. 
Joseph is living with two big dogs at the moment, keeping both quite busy! He plays with them all day and sleeps with them at nights. Although he really enjoys being with humans and other canines, he can definitely occupy himself and be independent especially outdoors. At the moment, he has access to a large backyard both during day time and at nights, which he really enjoys.
Joseph is currently attending puppy school through GAR where he has learnt to sit and wait for his food. He has also learnt to stay on his mat and relax. His foster carer is working on lead training with him. He is going for short walks around the garden and learning not to pull during walks.  
Joseph is almost house trained with very few accidents during the night. When adopted, his toilet training will have to continue as he might regress in a new environment. 
Joseph will be suitable for an energetic household, with owners who are ready to cherish him, train and provide him with lots of exercise, as well as give him the opportunity to be with other dogs as much as possible. As he loves to sleep inside at nights cuddled with his furry friends, he should be kept in-doors during night times. 
When you look into adopting puppies please don’t forget that pets are family and they are for life. Puppies do grow into big dogs and their cute, fluffy stage passes very quickly!  

Joseph is desexed, microchipped, and up to date with vaccinations flea and worm treatments.