Juno ~ 10 wk old Female DSH ~ $200

Hey! Meet Juno, she is our 10 week old foster kitten.
Juno was 4 weeks old when we brought her home to care for her and from the moment she came into our home she came out of her shell. Juno was the first one of her siblings to begin exploring her surroundings, the first kitten to master the litter tray and has been the first to approach any other animals she came across in our home. Juno has met very big dogs, small dogs, children and lots of different people. Juno has met and liked them all, she even has cuddled up the biggest of dogs with no fear.
Juno has the most energy, when she is awake she runs up and down our hallways, playing with our dogs and her siblings, doing strange flips and jumps (I think she wants to be a gymnast). When Juno is tired, she enjoys laying on the couch watching TV with us, and yes she actually watches TV, her favourite TV show is How I Met Your Mother.
When Juno sleeps, Juno SLEEPS! When the photographers came to take photos of Juno; because she is famous… okay not famous. Anyway when the photographers came to take photos of her, she was so deeply asleep that the photographers moved her paws, her head, her chin and Juno didn’t even move. They put a flower crown on her and put her in a hammock she still didn’t wake up, but she did look adorable.
As Juno’s foster parents, we believe that she would be suited for any home because she is such a cruisey adaptable kitten.
Juno desexed and microchipped is up to date with her vaccinations, flee and worming.
M/Chip #900164001608000
If you would like to meet Juno, you can find our adoption application here: