Kadie ~ Approx 2 yr old Mastiff x ~ $400

Hi my name is Kadie, I am a mastiff cross, I may be a big girl but I am an absolute sweetie and very gentle. I was saved from the pound. I don’t know why I was there, I was really scared and some other dogs made fun of me because I have black spots all over me and they said I looked dirty, but my new foster family told me how beautiful I am so I do not care about those bullies. I really like other dogs but am a bit nervous at first and need time to get used to them, I would love a doggy sibling as I love to play and have lots of energy to run, chase and play with them, but I am also happy to be an only pet and receive all your love and attention. I do not like birds because they steal my food so I always chase them away. I have been tested with cats and basically sniff them, then move on, but I was a little scared of a kitten as it was so small. I really love my food so can be easily trained and will obey basic commands. I want to be around my humans as much as possible and my fur is so soft you will just love to cuddle, pat and kiss me and that is exactly how I like it. I will lay beside you anywhere and even sit resting my head on your lap so you can pat me. I can be a bit “needy” sometimes and will lick and push your hand to get your attention but respond when told NO. I am well behaved and walk well on a lead, but I do like a longer lead so I can cross back and forwards exploring and sniffing, I never pull hard. I am good in the car and just want to love everyone. My favourite games are tug a war and chasing things you throw and when it’s a ball I will return it to you every time, but sometimes may be reluctant to actually give it back to you. I like to chew so I need toys to do this with, I love old drink bottles with the lids on tight so I can chew and chew to get it off. I do not bark much but when you start the mower, then I know I have to protect you, bark at it and try to bite the wheels, it is hard work and dad says I shouldn’t do that so I am learning it is not scary and I do not need to protect you. Sometimes I am a bit lazy but other times I have the energy of a puppy. I am good inside and if you leave a door open I will do my business out on the lawn. I have no behaviour problems, and I am an absolutely lovely girl who is looking for my forever home and would suit anyone who is prepared to give me the love I deserve and spend time with me I may be a little rough with small children, as I do get excited, (like when you let me inside) and could knock them over as I also like to be very close to you whenever I can. I am ready to meet you! It is a meeting you will not regret.

Kadie is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/chip #982000402816191