Kimba ~ 12wk old Mastiff X ~ $400

Meet Kimba! This stunning young lady came to GAR with her 7 litter mates from a Northern Victorian farm, where the farmer made the choice to send the unwanted pups to rescue. Kimba is one of the bigger girls in her litter, and she has an appetite to match! She would keep eating as long there was food there, so she will need to be kept on a portion controlled diet to ensure she doesn’t get too tubby! Kimba is a confident and vivacious pup. She has been interested in the noises of power tools at our place and could well make a great ‘tradie dog’. She responds well to training with treats, so far having learnt to sit for her food and to sit on command. She is highly intelligent, showing a great degree of intellect when solving problems like how to steal the ball off her foster sister. She gets on well with other dogs, but does like to start tussles with other puppies, so she will need continued socialisation with other dogs. She is very intrigued by the cat and will chase him wanting to play, but has never bit or shown any aggression.

Kimba will grow to be a medium to large breed dog. Kimba will need to go to a home where her new owners are committed to ongoing training and socialisation to ensure she becomes a well-rounded pup and dog.

Kimba is desexed, microchipped and is up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. She will require the third booster in the puppy vaccine schedule, then yearly boosters after that.

M/Chip #900079000065464