GAR1119 & 1120

Leo & Romeo ~ 10 wk old male DLH ~ $400 together

Leo and Romeo are very smart kittens. After being orphaned at a young age and without the rest of their litter, they found their foster mum down the side of her neighbour’s house. From being tin,y dehydrated, malnourished kittens, they have absolutely thrived with around the clock care and lots of love and affection and are now ready to find their forever home.

They have only ever known life with one another; they eat together, sleep together, play together and would love to grow up being the best of friends.  Because they have the company of one another they would cope well living with someone who works full time as long as lots of cuddles were provided when you got home. Leo and Romeo are full of energy and curiosity, they have been socialised with other cats but aren’t all that interested in gaining their attention. They are very clean, always use their kitty litter and love their food.

They are indoor cats as life out in the big wide world was very scary for them, so they have no need to be exposed to that again. Their hunting needs are met with toys, scratching posts and exercise is taken care of playing chasey throughout the house! They are well and truly used to being handled and love to sit on laps (and heads when in bed) and love to be where the family is.

Although quite similar they do have their differences…

Romeo (GAR 1120)

Romeo is the wild child with no fear, he loves to climb and play, sometimes playing practical jokes on his brother and jumping on him to give him a fright. When Romeo gets really excited he does “the crab walk” and it provides hours of entertainment. Romeo is very respectful of furniture in his playful endeavours and only uses his scratching post and toys to use up all that kitten power.

Once playtime is over Romeo loves to climb up for a cuddle and rest on your lap or chest but as with most cats it is on his terms. Romeo is a delight to have in the home and is forever making his foster mum laugh with his quirky personality. You will never be bored with Romeo around.

Leo (GAR 1119)

Leo is the most affectionate kitten you will ever meet, he loves attention and will purr just by looking in his direction. He loves playtime with his brother but has a much more relaxed nature about him and is a lot more cautious, although mouse toys don’t have a chance with Leo around. He will provide you with endless cuddles and love and will fill your heart with joy.

Both kittens are de-sexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea/worm treatments. 

M/Chip : 900164001608033 & 900164001605465