Lola ~ 2 yo FEMALE STAFFY X ~ $400

Hi! I’m Lola. Most of the time my foster carers call me Lovely Lola.

I love going for drives in the car.. It’s one my favourite things. Just the prospect of it gets me all excited and quivering. Especially if I get to go for a walk at the end of the drive. Going for walks is another of my favourite things as it’s fun to sniff out new places and say hi to other dogs. I’m well behaved on walks but sometimes I get a bit excited and occasionally forget that I’m not allowed to pull on the lead. Particularly if there is something interesting to pursue like a kangaroo, a rabbit or some birds. I’d love to be sprinting after them but my foster carers get me to sit until I’ve calmed down. While I’m generally good at following simple instructions like sit and stay, I’ve only been allowed off the lead on walks a few times and I am good when I’m with another dog. I have so much fun running and chasing but my foster carers seem to be worried I might run onto a busy road or get lost. Hmmm maybe they’re right.

After exercising I’m usually pretty zonked. If the weather is cool I find a sunny spot and sleep for hours. Dozing in the sun is also one of my favourite things. When the weather is warm I jump into my wading pool when I get home. It’s so nice to do this regularly during the day because I overheat really easily.

Actually I reckon that my real favourite thing is having lots of cuddles and hanging out with people and other dogs. I love company and I get lonely and sad when left alone. My ideal forever home would have another dog for me to play with and people around a lot of the time. I need to be part of the family.

Oh did I mention food? How could I forget that, as eating is right up there on my list of favourite things. Apparently I am on a special renal diet due to kidney problems. I have no idea what that means but my food tastes great to me. I’m always excited to gulp it down – but it disappears so fast! On walks I find all kinds of goodies that smell good to eat – unfortunately my foster carers don’t share my enthusiasm for this.

Because of the aforementioned issues with my kidneys which has resulted I my special diet, my new humans will need to ensure I have regular check-ups with a vet to assess my health.  My GAR vet will send all my medical info to your regular vet so they have all my test scores to compare with. My results have been stable my last two tests and my vet thinks I’m ready to go to my forever home. He didn’t mention anything about it affecting my life span, so I’ll be around for you to love for a long time! I’m not on any medications other than my special food.

I am very well behaved indoors and house trained, but an occasional accident has happened due to my kidney issues. So I’ve mainly been sleeping in my own kennel and if I do sleep inside I sometimes need to be let outside during the night

It seems that everyone who meets me adores me although some people don’t seem to appreciate me giving them an affectionate lick on the face. I’m a happy girl and I love playing with other dogs and children. However I am very strong and excitable, which means I may not be a good match for small dogs. I don’t have much experience with cats so I’m a bit uncertain about them. Are they good to cuddle or are they good to chase?

Lola is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip #956000004250384

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