~ Louie 15 wk old DSH ~ $200

Hey guys! My name is Louie, and I’m approximately 15 weeks old! I came into GAR’s care when I was only 2 weeks old, I was found without a mum or siblings, and I was weighing a light 190gms when I first came into care! I could fit into my foster mums Palm, and I kept them up all night with my two-hourly bottle feeds.
I have grown into a big confident boy with a lot of character, despite not having a cat mum to show me the ropes. I love to run around the house, especially at night, making as much noise as I can and jumping around.
I LOVE food. Any food you will give me, I will eat, which can’t be the safest thing in the world. I have been found to steal vegetables off of my mums plate, especially broccoli and zucchini. I will expect kitty food to always be in my bowl, but trust me, I don’t need it! I sometimes drink my milk and water way too quick and get the hiccups.
I haven’t had much time around other cats, but my mums think that with the right cat, I would definitely warm up to having one around, as long as they would play with me. On the other hand I really do love puppies. Although at first I seem a bit wary, really, when they leave, I just want them to come back and play. Mum thinks that if I had a doggy friend I would be the type of kitty to fall asleep with him/her!
My perfect home would have a loving family who are willing to play with me, I love my little toy mice, and I have a favourite little ducky toy, which I like carrying from room to room around the house. And although I am still young and love to play, when I get sleepy all I want is a good cuddle. I will want you to pick me up and cuddle me right near your neck, if that’s okay with you! And as soon as you do, I will be a little purr machine! But be careful, I can change my mind quick and sometimes I just want to cuddle and not to have pats.
When I hear your car pull up outside, I will rush to the door to say hello to you as soon as you come inside! I love it when my foster mums pick me up and give me a little kiss when they get home.
Because I never had a cat mum growing up, it was very hard for me to learn how hard is too hard to bite my humans. I am in the middle of learning these boundaries with a spray bottle, mum will spray me when I accidentally bite too hard, but I am quickly learning as I really don’t like being sprayed!
I will need to be an indoor cat so I can stay safe and not get into any trouble, but I have a harness and a lead and I have checked out the big world a couple of times with my foster mums.
I would be a great addition to a family looking for a little character of a kitten and someone to make them laugh with all the silly things I like to do. I would be great with kids as long as they’re not too rough, and respect my boundaries. All in all, i love a cuddle and especially a play, and I hope I will be a perfect match to your family !

Louie is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea/worm treatments.

M/Chip# 900006000255599