Lucky ~ 12 wk old Kelpie x ~ $400

Lucky is a kelpie x pup, born into foster care. He has been staying with his foster family for a few weeks since separated from mother and siblings. He is an active young pup, eager to learn and do the right thing. He has enjoyed the company of his foster families dog, although is often bossed around.

Lucky enjoys his time both inside and outside. Outside he plays, follows foster family’s dog and rests in his bed. He also likes to find places to hide so can be found behind BBQ and under tables. He doesn’t tend to stray from familiar places.  He would still require toilet training as he sometimes forgets to go outside and finds a discreet place indoors. Inside he will usually find a quiet place to sit, he can be found in cupboards and behind couches.

Lucky would appreciate continued training and has proven to be a smart dog that is responsive to tone and encouragement. He sits for his food.

He has enjoyed many daily cuddles from the toddler minding him and enjoys running and playing with the children.

Lucky has been encouraged to chew his toys and bones, he still has to be watched to ensure he hasn’t found a tasty shoe or children’s toy.

Lucky is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated and up to date with flea/worm treatments.

M/c# 982000365134626