Lucy ~ 9 month old ~ Female ~  mixed breed ~ $400

This little girl right here is Lucy! Also known as, Lucy Lou and Oucy!

Lucy is approximately 8/9 months old, she is medium sized, weighing about 23kgs. We aren’t really sure what breeds make up Lucy, the pound had her as a Ridgeback x Mastiff, but I think she is a mix of Ridgeback, Shepherd, Shar Pei and maybe some cattle dog. She has super small ears, a small amount of blue/black on the bottom of her tongue and a shorter tail with a kink at the end. We of course still think she is absolutely adorable!

While in foster Lucy has definitely gained a whole heap of confidence. She was once a timid, shy little girl who hadn’t had much experience with the outside world. Since being in foster care, she has joined in the doggy day care program at her foster mum’s work. While she isn’t the most playful dog, and does tire quickly, she thoroughly enjoys having a good run around with her new best friends! She does love to play, and can play rough but is also very gentle if she needs to be. If Lucy could choose playing with dogs or a snuggle with her foster mum, she would 100% choose a snuggle! Lucy is much more people orientated and would rather human company any day.

In her foster home Lucy lives with two other dogs, one is a large playful male and the other is an old lazy female. Lucy plays well with both dogs, she knows she can be really rough with her foster brother but is very gentle with her older foster sister. Lucy does also live with a cat at the moment and has in the past. At first, she can be a bit too much, especially if the cat is timid. Once she learns the cat’s boundaries she can live nicely with a cat. Any cat in her forever home would need to be super confident around dogs and be able to tell her off if needed. Otherwise a home without a cat would be even better!

Lucy still has a bit to work on in regards to her basic obedience and confidence building. If she is feeling unsure about anything she can shut down and won’t respond to commands or take treats. Lucy will need a confident yet gentle leader to guide her and help her gain some much needed confidence and become the best dog she can be! Lucy does walk great on the lead but can scare easily at different things and will pull backwards. Since being in foster care though she has got A LOT better and now enjoys going for walk!

Lucy is toilet trained, create trained, travels excellent in the car, sits, waits for her food, knows to go on her bed when told, has nearly nailed the “down” command, and almost perfect at recall! Lucy does need to work on her food stealing problem, she has learnt the command “leave it” but if you’re not around she won’t leave it.

Medical issues: due to having such narrow ear canals Lucy is prone to ear infection so will need them kept clean and thoroughly dry to prevent them from re-occurring over and over again.

If you think you can provide the perfect home for little Lucy, then please fill in an application and come meet her!

Lucy is desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Microchip number: 941000021628956

If you would like to meet Lucy, you can find our adoption application here: