Lulu ~ 12 Week Old Female DSH ~ $200

Lulu came into care at 2 weeks of age with brother Ned and sister Violet. They were all hand raised and cuddled and loved by humans, and large dogs! The resident cats also played a part with washing duties and socialising/disciplining the kittens as they grew in confidence.

Lulu is extremely well socialised – she will expect to be able to interact with both humans and resident animals. Lulu is an extrovert and loves attention! She will wander into cupboards and sleep on beds. Nothing is out of bounds to this little ball of energy!

She is very affectionate and purrs loudly. Lulu will thrive on attention and cuddles and enjoys being close to the resident cats and dogs. Lulu has a stunning coat. She is semi longhaired.

Her coat started out black but is now developing silvery drifts throughout the coat. Lulu is a big girl and will grow into a beautiful affectionate companion for the right family.

Lulu is desexed, microchipped,  vaccinated, and up to date with worm and flea treatments.

M/Chip # 956000009381080