Mac ~ 8 years old ~ Male ~ Staffy ~ $400

Hi I’m Mac, a black brindle male Staffy with a white chest. I’m a healthy strong boy, very loving and friendly. I’m pretty well balanced, if I do say so myself. My foster carers say I’m a typical staffy who loves nothing more than being part of the family. They say I’m very easy to live with and believe I must have been well looked after throughout my 8 years (approx) of life.

I love life and am happy nearly all the time. Life is full of cuddles and having fun. I like to play with my toys but I’m not obsessive – a short play then time for a rest or better still a cuddle. I adore people, including children, and love being with them. While I can cope and entertain myself when left alone for a while, I MUCH prefer to be with people and won’t be happy if I have to spend too much time without my humans. If they are at home inside, that’s where I want to be. If they are outside in the garden, that’s where I want to be.

I’m very well behaved and seldom bark. When other dogs are barking and growling at me, I seldom react. I usually ignore them and stay pretty calm. I do however love to vocalise to communicate, as many Staffy’s do, especially when I’m happy and excited. Snuffling, snorting, purring, grumbling and a sort of crying. People tell me I sound funny and cute and apparently when asleep I snore adorably and occasionally seem to be dreaming where I quietly growl and bark. Quite entertaining.

Talking about being excited, there are many things that really get my tail wagging, my body wriggling like crazy and make me squeal with delight. I do also tend to jump up and down like an out of control rubber ball. My carers have been teaching me not to do this jumping business but it’s oh sooo hard not to. I still feel like a puppy in many ways even though I’m eight years old.

Some of the things that get me excited are:

  • Going for walks! Who doesn’t love that? The more walks the better. I’m so enthusiastic for walking that my carers sometimes need to curtail my enthusiasm. Otherwise I’d keep going until I dropped from exhaustion.
  • Travelling in the car because that takes me to interesting places.
  • Coming home. This is almost as much fun as going out.
  • My bean bag. While I’ll sleep pretty much anywhere, the bean bag is my fave – it’s just so soft and comfy and I can scrunch it into whatever shape I like then doze on it.
  • Going inside when I’m outside. Going outside when I’m inside is pretty exciting too!
  • Waiting while my food is being prepared. It’s so exciting. When the food comes sometimes I’m really hungry and wolf it down, but other times I’m more concerned about missing out on some other activity so I need to leave my food for later.

Mac has spent most of his life as an “only dog”. An attempt to share with another foster dog was not successful. Perhaps this might mellow over time with the right dog such as, an older mellow dog who is confident enough to assert themselves. However Mac would be very happy not to share with another dog. On the other hand he has lived harmoniously with a parrot for much of his life. While sometimes he is interested in birds he has shown no tendency to chase them.

Taking Mac for a walk is a delight. He walks well on lead and doesn’t pull much towards other dogs or people. In fact he is more interested in examining bushes, light poles etc. He is quite good at meeting other dogs but can tend to be dominant. Apparently his original owner mainly walked him off lead, but his foster carers have not done this much as recalling him is not yet reliable  – Mac  requires further training in this area.

Mac is ready for his forever home. His forever owners will need time to spend time with him and will be rewarded with a gorgeous companion who will provide lots of love and entertainment.

Mac is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip #956000001401665

If you would like to meet Mac, you can find our adoption application here: