Mac ~ 3 year Old Male DLH ~ $200

Hi my name is MAC the cat. I am a stunning looking big boy who is very affectionate, friendly and loves to have a chat with you. I am Ginger and white with long fluffy fur.  I will follow you around just to ensure you are ok and I am very easy going.  I have even lived with 2 dogs, yes I can reluctantly tolerate their childish behaviour after a trying period of adjustment.  I will set the rules about who is boss very quickly by swiping/hissing so unless you are a tolerant/patient dog & parent, to help me adjust, I am really better suited to an only pet home. I love human attention, pats and cuddles after I have settled in and the best is on my head, ears and chin scratches-feels so good to me but because my fur is so thick and soft you will be wanting to pat me heaps.  Sometimes I am a bit like a dog as I will hang around the food bowl just waiting for extra’s as I really really love my food.  I am a cool dude as if you look closely I have a ginger goatee on my chin. I do like to play games to improve on my skills & practice my reflexes.

Due to an encounter with an FIV infected cat I’m need to stay indoors or in an outdoor enclosure so I don’t further pass on this infection. I cannot live with any other cat unless they have been infected too. Don’t worry, it can’t be passed onto humans or other pets. Apart from FIV – I am happy, healthy and expect to live a long life! If you meet me you will fall in love with me I promise.

Mac is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.
M/Chip # 956000006290060