Mac ~ 3 year Old Male DLH ~ $200
Hi, I’m Mac & I’ve been sent here from another galaxy to help create portals for the C.A.T (Celestial Astronautical Teleportation) empire.
What? You don’t believe me? Why do you think Witches go down in history with cats? Hello Kitty? Lucky Kitty? Why lions are Kings? Or better yet, why do you think the Egyptians depicted cats to be so sacred?
My kind has made many attempts at creating teleportation portals on Earth over the last millennia. One of my cat-rads from 2628 B.C. ET (Earth Time) shared more than just secrets with his Earth Avatar or “owner” as you prefer to call yourselves these days. He shared interstellar insights along with magical powers & was slowly constructing teleportation pyramid portals that would connect our worlds but the powers were too strong for your civilisation at the time, which caused a massive increase in Earth’s gravitational pull which lead to the destruction of their entire dynasty. This was only overruled by a new wave of mutant humans. Part of my mission is to assist in reversing the gravitational pull & help rebuild our new portals. Want to know where the portals are?
Adopt me into your home for the rest of my time on Earth & I’ll tell you everything I know.
I’ll always stay right by your side & keep you safe from any incoming astro invaders. Because you have human eyes, you will have no idea they are there but I can see them & use my meditation powers to transcend them back into their own dimension. My powers are so strong that sometimes I even scare myself but as long as you are there to give me cuddles then we should be a purrrrrfect team.
I can use water as a means of communication to other dimensions so sometimes I splash my drinking water into various patterns on the floor like an aqua mural for my messages to be read from the other side. I am very fascinated by water in general & may try to get in the shower or bath with you.
On a Full Moon my powers are heightened so I am known to become a little overwhelmed & need extra attention & affection to keep me calm.
Now, about dogs. I am fine to live with dogs however; they are not in line with my specific astro voyage, rather some other amalgamation. Dogs have their own missions so we like to stay out of each other’s way. I’m not 100% sure where they’re missioned from but I heard from another cat-rad that “DOG” spelt backwards is their leader’s name if that means anything to you? I have actually heard lots of stories of our kind joining forces with them on occasion so who knows, maybe I could too?
I do like to play games to improve on my Earth skills & practice my reflexes but you’ll need to get the ball rolling for me or I’ll be too distracted with my other duties of watching out for invaders & data collection etc.
Due to an encounter with an FIV infected cat-rad I’m supposed to stay indoors or in an outdoor enclosure so I don’t further pass on this infection. I cannot live with any other cat-rads unless they have been infected too. Don’t worry, it can’t be passed onto humans or other pets. Apart from FIV – I am happy and healthy!
I’m looking forward to meeting you & I promise to keep you in the space time loop for as long as I live.
Mac is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.
M/Chip # 956000006290060

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