Maggie ~ Female Rottweiler approx. 6months old ~ $400

Maggie is a young female Rottie who’s start to life wasn’t ideal. She was stuck in a neglectful situation which made her quite timid, fearful and nervous of the world and everything in it.
Now with that behind her and life on the up and up she has over come all her apprehensions and fears and is now a bubbly curious lil’ lady. Keen to explore and meet new people and dogs!! She’s highly social and loves other dogs. People she can take a minute to warm to as expected from a dog like her. She will need someone who’s experienced with the breed and understands the needs of such a powerful breed. She’s small now but will become large or at least a medium to large dog. Her rough start has meant that she may have some stunted growth so she potentially won’t be the giant Rottie you picture but still will end up big enough I’m sure.
She is now fully crate trained and house broken, she responded incredibly well to training and good structure. Therefore ongoing training like with any dog will be required with Maggie and consistent through her adolescent stage.
Over all Maggie is a fantastic dog and will make a great inclusion to an existing pack or be able to be someone’s only dog. Although I think she would do well with an older calmer influence in her life.
My pack has done wonders for her confidence and progress. She has been tested with kids, cats and everything in between and she excelled at all of them. So she would be well suited to basically any household that was able to provided the leadership and structure a powerful breed needs. She is a great little dog and will be a great dog for many years to come.
Maggie is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea and worm treatments
M/Chip# 900164001607944