Maggie ~ 16 wk old Mastiff x Rottweiler ~ $ 400

Maggie is a confident young girl looking for her forever home.
There’s not much that scares young Maggie. She eagerly meets dogs of all sizes and ages, constantly tries (and fails) to get cats to play with her, and thinks that the hose is great fun.

Maggie loves gnawing on a treat or stick, wrestling with her doggie foster siblings, adventuring with her foster ‘parents’ or simply snuggling up for a puppy nap after a long day.

She has already demonstrated strong loyalty to her pack. Maggie has a great time at local parks, creeks and beaches, but always follows along close behind her foster mum- the pack leader.

Maggie has learnt to wait for her food, “sit”, “stay”, “here” and can walk well on lead.  She is very food orientated so is easy to train.

Maggie has been predominantly an outside dog, but would adjust well to a mix of inside/outside as she is keen to be involved in everything. She has been doing crate training and happily settles down in her crate for a nap or quiet time when required. She will require further house training if free to roam inside her new home. She never soils her crate, but may have some inside ‘accidents’ if left unsupervised.
Maggie loves her foster family lots and can get a bit lonely if separated from both her dog friends, and the humans. She would be best suited to a family with another dog for company, or people who can spend much of the day with her.

Maggie will grow to be a very large and strong girl. She will need ongoing, consistent training from a firm and loving handler.
Maggie is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea/worm treatments.

M/Chip: 956000004402530