Maple ~ 6 mth old female Lab X ~ $400

Hi guys, my name is Maple and as my name may suggest, I am pretty sweet!

I’m approximately 6 months old, and I was rescued by GAR and came all the way from Mildura.

For a 6 month old pup, I am incredibly well behaved. I still have puppy energy but have already learnt to channel it into playtime and training.

My previous life wasn’t the best so I am sometimes a bit scared of certain things like loud noises and being left alone. I am building confidence, however, and if you give me the time, encouragement and reason to trust you, I will come out of my shell and show you what an amazing dog I really am.

I love all other dogs, little or big. I love to cuddle them and tug of war is also my favourite. I have lived in foster care with dogs, cats and a little baby and I am great around all of them, and have been taught to be gentle. I’m not sure why the cats don’t want to be my friend though.

I will need to be with a family who has another furry friend, as I feel less anxious when I have another dog to guide me and keep me company.

I quite like my food, but I am unsure of treats. I think it’s because I’ve never been given them until now! They are growing on me, although I struggle to chew big things so I love small broken down treats.

I know how to sit, and also wait for my food, which I learnt very quickly. I am an intelligent girl with a slight stubborn streak, so am eager to learn but will need a master who is both gentle and firm. If it is clear what I need to do, I will do it!

My favourite thing in this world is scratches behind my ears, I get super sleepy whenever humans scratch me here and I love it.

I sleep inside with my fur sibling, but would be more than happy to sleep on the bed if you let me!  I also know the command ‘on your bed’ as in my foster homes inside time is usually a relaxed calm time, and play time is for outside

As I am still a puppy, I will need constant training on lead, in the house and out and about, but I am learning quicker than I ever thought possible.

If I sound perfect for you and your family I would love to meet you!

Maple is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatments.

M/Chip #900164001309702