Marley ~ 16 Wk Old DSH ~ $200

Marley is a beautiful big boy that is the biggest of a litter of 5.  He has always been a quiet achiever, not to be underestimated, he just flies under the radar.  Marley loves to say hello when you come home will always be there to greet you and give you smooches. He loves his food and isn’t at all fussy.

He is a very sweet and confident boy who isn’t afraid of anything. Marley enjoys playing a game of rough and tumble, but can be won over with a good belly scratch. Marley isn’t bothered by dogs,  but also isn’t overly interested in them either. He loves the company of another cat and good snuggle with his humans.

Marley is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and form treatments.

M/Chip# 982000363034474