Marvin ~ 10 Yr Old Wire Haired Terrier ~ $250

Marvin is an adorable little gentleman who has a very kind heart. He is soft tempered and loyal. He is quite content with following his loved ones around all day or just being with his two foster mates. He also loves a snack and a cuddle, plus his daily walks around the block.

Marvin is in excellent health at the moment. He has been thoroughly checked by our Vet and got the all clear, including his teeth.

Marvin gets along with all sorts of dogs, including big ones. Currently he is living with two big canines who he adores. However, he hasn’t been properly tested with cats. He had one interaction with an adult cat and chased it but we are not really sure if he chased it because the cat ran away or if it is his instinct to chase cats.

Marvin is not someone who would enjoy being left alone for long hours. He would rather be with his family most of the day and definitely through the night. Being an old pup he would not cope with sleeping outside. He loves his little bed but the closer he sleeps to his owner the better.

Marvin would make the best companion for a household with humans or dogs that are willing to spend good quality home time with him, and are also willing to make him part of their daily routines, including car rides, social outings and café visits as he loves It all!

Marvin is de-sexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip# 982000402211752