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Mash & Petunia

Mash & Petunia ~ 10 mth old m & f DSH~ $300

Mash and Petunia are two of the sweetest cats you could meet, born in the same litter. Mash and Petunia very much enjoy each others company, and that of their two older foster brothers. While they have grown up in human care, Mash and Petunia are quite shy when it comes to new people, it takes a little bit of time and a little bit of patience to earn their trust and win their hearts.

Mash is the more shy of the pair at first, however once he has learned that you are there to give him love, he can be quite affectionate. He even allows belly rubs and if you’re lucky, he might even cuddle up on the bed with you at night. Mash loves to play with toys that he can swat around on the floor, or toss in the air to hunt with his sister and his foster brothers.

Petunia is a very sweet natured girl, but she can be quite reserved around people. Sudden movements and loud noises can startle her, but once her trust has been secured, she is very playful. Petunia loves string toys, though she prefers to chew on the stick end, and she loves to roll around in the sun with her brother.

This brother and sister pair loves to lounge around the house on anything comfortable they can find, especially if it’s in the sun, you might even find them curled up in a blanket nest. The two will often play tag around the house, stealing toys from each other and then racing to take them back.

Mash and Petunia are good with other cats, if they’re introduced over time and allowed their space, however they can be a bit anxious around dogs.

They’re good with older children, who understand their need for space, and aren’t too intense in their show of affection. They both do not like to be picked up.

They would prefer to be adopted together due to their strong sibling bond.

Both are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

Mash Microchip# 982000362825223

Petunia Microchip# 982000363033008