Mia 4 – 6 yr old Large x Breed
Hi my name is Mia. I was given an eleventh hour reprieve from death row. I have  a medium to tall, sleek build. I am a mystery girl in that everyone that sees me has a different opinion as to what my breeding is – some say greyhound x Bull Arab, some say Mastiff x Boxer etc etc, any way, they all think I am a beautiful girl. I am a very timid, gentle girl and love to be patted. I don’t jump on people. I am very good on a lead, not that I am on a lead very often as I mostly walk off lead. I like to investigate all the smells in the area, but I always keep my human nearby. I like to sleep indoors with my blanket. I love everybody but I tend to run away from little children that run at me as they scare me. I am very well behaved in the car, I will usually nap until my human returns.
Mia is a very gentle girl that has shown no aggression to anything or anyone. She is not a barker, well behaved when left alone and house trained, though has had very little formal training. She is the perfect companion.
Mia is Desexed, Microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.
M/chip #982000363970241