Millie ~ 12 yr old Border Collie X ~ $250

Everyone, meet Millie! Millie is a 12 year Border Collie x and although she is one of the senior dogs at GAR.  She definitely doesn’t seem it. She loves going for runs and walks, but also is not bothered by waiting in a backyard all day for you to come home from work. Millie absolutely adores people. She will always be the first at your feet looking up at you with those big brown ‘puppy dog eyes’ wanting an ear scratch. She’s the type of dog who just wants to follow you around and do what you’re doing, whether it be watching TV, spending a day out at the local footy or sitting next to you while you have a coffee down the street. Millie is full of love and needs someone who can give her just as much affection as she will give you. Her personality is very strong and she will let you know exactly what she wants by getting your attention and taking you there. She is very intelligent. Millie is great with kids, and perfect with other dogs. She easily gets attached to other dogs and follows them around like their best friends. She is not phased by other animals such as birds and is happy to share her yard with them. Millie very rarely barks which makes her perfect for living in a town. She is very obedient, she can sit, shake and stay. But most importantly she knows, and understands the word no. Unfortunately Millie suffers from a skin condition which occurred because she was found stray and starving. She was found with a severe amount of fleas that had started affecting the growth of her hair. After putting on some weight and being loved and cared for her hair is slowly starting to grow back, although the vets do not think that her fur will grow back fully it may just be patchy. But in just a couple of months there has been a major improvement. This skin condition doesn’t bother the old girl though. She’s quite happy to wear a coat in winter and soak up the sun when the coat is off. Due to being found stray Millie use to suffer from separation anxiety from those who she loved. But after learning that whenever you go, you will come back that seems to have died down. This doesn’t stop the same amount of excitement she’s get when you come home though. Millie would be ideal for any family who has a big heart. She is not a high maintenance and is very easy going. A pat and a cuddle makes her happy.

Millie is desexed, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/chip #956000003798620