Milly ~ 11 wk old Kelpie X ~ $400 

Milly is a beautiful little girl with lots of character. She is full of energy, as all Kelpies are, but would just snooze on your lap when the urge of running around is over. She loves her tummy rubs, cuddles and kisses. In the middle of a game of chasey, she would stop and give you a kiss and a cuddle!

Milly is very clever. She has already learnt to sit and wait for her food. She is at foster care with her sister Rosie, and shares the feeding time with her. Although sometimes she needs to be reminded to stick to her own food bowl, she is doing great with being around other puppies whilst eating.

Milly loves her toys. As she needs lots of stimuli, toys provide her with lots of interesting activities. She does have a tendency to use other objects as toys, such as rugs, if she cannot access her own. However, stays out of trouble when plenty of other things to play with are available.

Milly is living with two big dogs, as well as her sister, at the moment. She gets along very well with her foster siblings. She can sometimes get too hyped up in the middle of a game and start barking, but she will stop when asked to do so. She hasn’t been exposed to any feline friends yet, so it is difficult to predict how she will behave around cats.

Milly is still learning not to do her business in the house. She is not fully house trained yet but getting there with great confidence. Her night time accidents completely stopped but she still finds it a bit difficult to rush outside first thing in the morning.

This very friendly and affectionate girl would make a great addition to a home with lots of outdoor space for her to run around. She will need to go on long walks or runs, and be part of your daily life. Considering her energetic nature, she would be better off with a canine companion to be her play mate and friend. She would also love to have human siblings who would match up her playfulness and provide her with all the cuddles and kisses that she loves giving and receiving.

Milly is desexed, microchipped and is up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/chip #982000365135857