Missy ~ 1 year old DSH ~ $200

Missy is a 1 year old DSH female cat. She looks to be Russian Blue cross Siamese due to her beautiful grey-blue coat and large ears. She is extremely small, everyone who looks at her are quite shocked at her size, and she is no bigger than a 6 month old kitten! However, she is a bit chubby – she just really loves her food!

This poor girl has been through so much in her short life. She came into our care from a pound at around 6 months of age with five kittens less than a day old (who unfortunately all passed away due to sickness). She had no trust in people at all – We do not know what she’s been through but by the way she acts, she may have been abused in the past or a stray since she was born.
She now enjoys a cuddle, as long as the person is still and slow. She still runs most of the time when approached by strangers but she’ll gladly come to people she knows for pats.

This may be a weird requirement for a cat, but she will need to go to a home with a small-medium sized canine friend she can look up to and learn from. The dog will need to be cat friendly and tolerate being followed and having a cat in his or her face a lot of the time.
Missy is also friendly towards other cats and is happy to groom and cuddle with them before nap time, so a home with or without a friendly cat is fine. She has a big hunting instinct and loves to play with toys, she has not been introduced to birds or small pets but by the way she stalks and plays with her toys, we don’t think she’d be suitable to live with pocket pets.

She has come so far in the few months in care. Missy really needs a small family who will be home a lot, talk softly to her, offer her good food (which really helped her start to trust us!), give her a warm place to sleep and most importantly she needs someone who is willing to give her the time she needs, which could be a few months, to adapt to her surroundings and new owners. A small, quiet family is preferred as she does not enjoy the company of too many people at once.

Missy is litterbox trained, desexed, microchipped and is up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip #956000003781462