Muffin ~ Approx 1 yr old Labrador X ~ $400

Hi human friends, my name is Muffin, and I am the biggest lover you will ever meet! If you are looking for a furry friend to wag their tail at you madly whether you go to the letter box, or to work for the day, I am your gal! I have a very excitable nature and really want to be around you. I like walks on the beach, fetching the ball and wrestling with my foster sister Gypsy who is a Black lab x too! I haven’t met a cat yet but I think with my excitable nature I might like to chase one!! A home with a forever canine sister or brother would be great as I like to play all day! I like to lay at my foster mums feet getting an ear scratch after a big day of playing and nod off to sleep, don’t move or I’ll follow you! On my first trip to the beach I didn’t know what those watery things chasing me were (waves) but was still keen to follow my foster mum in for a dip! I can sit and am mostly toilet trained (I forgot once and did a little wee on the carpet, I’d only been at my foster home 1 day). I have learnt I am not allowed in the kitchen of my foster home! I’d would really like a forever family that will spend time with me and take me to some doggy training as I really like to do the right thing, I am just not sure how to all the time! Treats, when you are training me would be great as I love my food & would need to eat separately to any furry friend! I am already responding well to the firm direction I am receiving at my foster home. My forever family would not have young kids as I might knock them over as I am still learning not to jump but older ones would be fun to play with. Yours truly, Muffin PS. Did I tell you I am the biggest lover you will ever meet?

Muffin is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/chip #956000004407910