Nanny ~ 11-14 yr old female Staffy ~ $250

Nanny ~ 11-14 yr old female Staffy ~ $250
Hi my name’s Nanny, and I am the sweetest senior staffy you ever did meet. I am a mysterious lady, so when I was found by GAWS I didn’t have a collar and had not been microchipped or desexed, but lucky for me that has all been fixed and I’m feeling better than ever. I have been told I could be between the ages of 11 and 14 but a true lady never reveals her age.
My most favourite things are pats and cuddles, laying in the sun, walks to the beach or park and being around my humans. In saying that I am also very independent and am fine being left on my own.
I am very easy going and not a lot fazes me. I’m not overly vocal, I don’t think anyone has ever heard my bark, but I do like to communicate in snorts and grunts. I am pretty mobile, and although arthritic I can manage stairs well but it may become an issue down the track. My curvy body suggest I have had a few puppies in my time and when you get to my age it gets harder to hold on for the ladies, so to avoid embarrassment I need access to outside most of the time.
I don’t mind kids or other dogs as long as they aren’t too energetic because you know, who can really keep up with the youth these days. It would be really great if my forever home had people that could be around a lot and also take me on my daily walks, I like to lead the way at first and find bushes to rustle, but within a few blocks I really slow down so I don’t like to venture too far from home. I am also fine off the lead and like to stay close to my humans but unfortunately I have lost a lot of my hearing so if I get excited meeting new friends I won’t always respond when being called back. My eyesight isn’t perfect either but it’s far from being gone.
Since being with my foster family I have really come out of my shell and found a sense of belonging. All I would love for my years to come is a loving home where I can laze about and have people around me often. At the beginning of October I went into the vets for my monthly arthritis injection only to find out I had four pea sized cancers in my breasts. The incredible team at GAR behind me kicked into gear immediately and I was booked in for surgery within a few days. Surgery was a success and they were able to whip out the lumps and send me home to my loving carers that afternoon. I was understandably knocked around and groggy from the procedure and slept through the first night but by the second night one of my stitches had become heavily inflamed which caused concern for my carers. While questioning whether to take me into emergency late at night I had a seizure and they bundled me into the car off to emergency. I stayed there over night where I was on antibiotics and fluids and headed to my regular vet the following morning. I became extremely stressed there and vet felt it a better idea to recover at home. On the way out they also noticed I had had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics so they gave me an antihistamine shot. It took me hours to calm down or even have a drink that afternoon as I was very traumatised from the whole ordeal. In true staffy nature I have become very attached to my carers since this happened and once again am happiest when they are around. The vet said that he doesn’t think anything like that should happen again, but if I were to, I just hope I would get the same care from my forever home as I have from my carers and GAR, who have now saved my life twice in 4 months.
Other than that, I’m an easy breezy fun loving Nanny gal. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask either of my foster mums. For now, you can find me sunbaking on the balcony
I’m desexed, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.
M/chip # 900164001693448