Onyx ~ 12 mth old male DSH ~ $50

Onyx ~ 12 mth old male DSH ~ $50

Hi my name is Onyx and I’m a moderately sized, golden-eyed,  very handsome, black cat.

I’m nearly one year old, and have an abundance of playful curiosity, cheekiness and a wonderful sense of humour for chasing, hide and seek, peek’a’boo and snuggly games. My meow is just a soft trill, usually just in response if you say something particularly interesting. And I like to purr, especially in the mornings. When you get home after a long day, I will do acrobatic stretches to show you how happy I am to see you. I’m not sure if I know English yet, but I’m a very good listener and will pat your face with my paw if you’re feeling sad.

In the house, I’m very outgoing and enjoy it when my foster carer has friends over, including friendly dogs and children (although I haven’t quite worked out toddlers yet) and I love being the centre of attention. I’m quite clever and very loving, and am working out how to wrap myself around everyone’s hearts that I come into contact with.

I feel like I’ve come a long way, because when I was taken into foster care as a little scrap of a thing, I was very sick with a lung infection. It took a few months to figure out what was wrong with me and finally, we found out I have feline herpes virus type 1, which is the most common cause of upper respiratory infections in cats. The herpes are not visible on my face or anything, as they come up inside my sinuses, so I am a bit sniffly at times. I mainly get the sniffles (herpes outbreak) if something has caused me stress, so I prefer lots of love and attention and stability in my life.

My foster carer also decided to stop giving me commercial cat food, in case some of the additives were causing me some kind of immune response, and now I only eat chicken carcass mince straight from the butcher, which I love. And I think also keeping warm is good for me too. If I have an outbreak, which is happening less and less often, I do sometimes need antibiotics if the symptoms are persistent. My carer has taken me to a specialist to get a plan to treat outbreaks and she can give you the report from the specialist. The only other thing is that I’m infectious to cats (not dogs, people or even guinea pigs thankfully!) so I’m looking for a one-cat household.

Basically, I’m looking to be someone’s Angel! And I will be forever grateful and snuggly and cheeky with my forever-home family. I’m great with people, but also want my one person I know I can go to. And I love it when there is someone around most of the time.

Onyx is desexed, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.
M/chip # 900164001553323