Phoenix ~ 14mth Female Staffy X ~ $400

Hi! I’m Phoenix, a tan and white Staffy cross. I’m a friendly, well behaved doggy with a very loving nature. Overall I am very quiet – I seldom bark, whine or growl.

What do I like? I love cuddles and having fun. I love life and am happy nearly all the time. The first specific thing that comes to mind is water. The sea or a river or pond. Any body of water is great for wading and splashing about in. Even in my back yard at my foster carer’s home I love to plunge into my wading pool.

I love my back yard. There is always something interesting to chase; Flies, moths and birds or bouncy doggy toys. But my favourite thing to chase is definitely little lizards. The way they dart around is quite mesmerising. I’ve not managed to catch one yet but I’m going to keep on trying. Once I get tired it’s great to find a spot for a good snooze – a sunny spot or better still, somewhere near people. I can entertain myself when left alone for a while, but I MUCH prefer to be with people and won’t be happy if I have to spend too much time without human companionship.

I love going for walks. No surprise there – I am a dog you know! Unlike most of my breed I am very good on the lead and hardly ever pull. Seriously, what is the matter with all those other staffys?! Of course I prefer to be off lead as I can then run and bound about. But I keep a close eye on my Foster carers to ensure they don’t get too far away. And when they call my name I charge back to them for a quick cuddle and a pat.

I also love meeting and hanging out with other dogs. Running around with them plus some boisterous play is my kind of thing. I do tend to try to dominate and become a bit rough. And I can be a bit intimidating. I don’t mean anything by it but I’m still learning about my own strength. Some playmates are cool with this. Others, not so much.

However I do NOT like small dogs or cats. To be honest I find them just plain annoying and for everyone’s sake it is best to keep us apart. I currently don’t share my home with any other furry friends but I reckon I could be happy to share with another medium or large doggy.

Phoenix’s foster carers have found her to be a generally easy dog who is impossible not to fall in love with. She has been learning quite quickly. For example she tended to jump up on people when excited to see them. She is much better now. Not quite perfect but stops once reminded that it’s a no-no.

She likes most people but can at times be a bit uncertain or anxious particularly with some males. Maybe something from her past? It doesn’t seem to be major – she just unexpectedly darts away for no apparent reason. A couple of minutes later she is all cuddles! We expect this behaviour could disappear over time, but don’t recommend adoption by a single male. Phoenix is now ready for her forever home. Her forever owners will need time to spend with her and will be rewarded with a gorgeous loyal pet who will provide lots of love and entertainment.

Phoenix is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip # 95600004803357

If you would like to meet Phoenix, you can find our adoption application here: