GAR 1074

Pippa ~ 8 month old Bull Arab x Kelpie ~ $400

Hi my name is Pippa!! I’m an 8 month old bull Arab x kelpie. 

I am super friendly. I love cats, dogs, people, well I just like everyone. In my foster home I live with a cat, I want to be her friend but she doesn’t really want to be mine and I respect that. 

I am only a puppy!! So I need my new human to continue ongoing training with me. I am toilet trained, I can sit, stay and lay down except if I get distracted. I sometimes forget to listen, so I need a human who will keep me on track. I still need work on my recall, if I get distracted.

I don’t always come back when called, there was an incident.. I don’t want to talk about it… I traumatised my humans…but anyways… since that I have been working really hard on my recall and my listening skills are getting much better. So please always walk me on a lead and don’t let me out the front door without one. I love my humans and I want to be with them but there are so many cool things outside I can chase, like cars, bikes, birds… hence “the incident”. 

As I said I love my humans and I want to be near my humans as much as possible! I will sit with them when they are watching TV, walk them to the kitchen or the bedroom or basically anywhere they are going. I have so much energy so I need to be walked everyday but I also like to nap. So if you leave me home, please make sure I have some toys to play with or another dog so I don’t get bored. 

I love the car!! Car trips are fun I don’t get anxious and most of the time we get to go see new people and I love meeting new people. 

Basically I need humans who will love me, cuddle me, continue to help train me and who preferably have a dog or… have friends who have dogs that I can play with. I wouldn’t mind a cat friend who likes me tOo! I forget how big I am sometimes… okay most of the time and I’m very clumsy. So if there are small children in the house I may accidentally bump into them if I am excited.

I am a super happy and friendly girl, so please apply for me if you think you could be my forever family.

Pippa is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip# 900164001452560

If you would like to meet Pippa, you can find our adoption application here: