Polly ~ 15 wk old DSH ~ Female ~ $200

Polly is a 15 week old tortie with striking markings. Polly is a strong independent little girl. She was presented to Corio vets when found wandering at about 3 weeks old. She then had an ulcer on her eye and was quite dirty and scruffy and appeared to have been living rough. Once in GAR’s care she was cleaned up well fed and given the medical attention she needed for her eye to heal fully.
She is a very sweet little girl. She was hand raised with a litter of 5 kittens of similar age. Though Polly was raised with foster siblings she has always kept a little bit to herself. She is not aloof but does like to have her own space at times. She is happy to curl up in a warm basket or place in the sun by herself. She is equally happy to be part of the crowd and play with the others. She can be a naughty tortie at times – pushing the boundaries a bit! But she is independent and strong minded.
If I had room to keep her I would! She is a very endearing little girl who will bring the right person alot of joy with her antics! Polly sleeps on her foster mum’s bed at night and purrs away happily.
Polly is unphased by other cats, kittens and large dogs. She has been raised in a very busy household. She is now ready to bond to her forever family.
Polly is desexed, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.
M/Chip # 956000009367173
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