Princess ~ 12 wk old female tabby ~ DSH ~ $200

Princess is a 12 week old female tabby.  She arrived in her foster home at the ripe old age of 12 hours along with her mum, 3 sisters and brother.  Princess is named so for the distinct crown markings on her brow. She’s a beautiful little tabby with a quiet, slightly timid nature.  

Princess is good with little children and is currently learning how to be happy with dogs and other cats.  Princess and her sister Sparkles are like two peas in a pod.  She’ll miss her company very much so would ideally like to be rehomed with Sparkles or a home that has other quiet animals or humans home a lot.  

While it takes her a while to relax and be not so timid, once she does, the connection is solid.  Shes a sweet little girl who would love to be loved.  

Princess is litter trained, desexed, vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worm treatments.

M/chip # 900164001722674

If you would like to meet Princess, you can find our adoption application here: