Pup ~ 8 yr old male Maltese x ~ $400

I am a fluffy boy with a noticeable underbite that just adds to my beautiful personality. I love to be around my humans as much as possible, I will follow you closely from room to room wondering what you are doing. I will greet you when you arrive home and show my excitement by running in a circle in the same spot and crawling on the ground. I love walks along the beach and in the shallow water, this does not mean I like bath time. I love when my humans talk to me even though I have no clue what you are saying. I love pats behind the ears, under my chin, on my belly, on my back, basically I’m happy with any sort of attention. I will lay within a few steps of you at all times so I can watch what you’re  doing and be ready to follow if you go to leave the room. I love to sleep with my humans but I guess if I must I will also sleep on my own bed.

I am not fond of being left out side.  Meeting new animals for the first time (takes me a few meetings to trust), my own reflection, my own shadow, loud unexplained noises, treats (I’m very confused by this… am I meant to eat it? Show it off? Or? I just don’t get it), and will try stealing attention if you’re giving it out to someone else or another animal.

When I first came in to care I was scared of cats but my carers had 4 kittens who were all dog friendly and they wore me down until I accepted their friendship. I became good friends with them and loved playing with them as they had the same playful energy as myself, so I would love a feline friend or another older small dog to play with, If not I would ideally prefer my humans to be home more often than not. My perfect family is with someone who can love me, give me attention and consider me a part of the family rather than a pet that lives outside. If you are interested in being my new family send in an application to meet me.

Pup is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip # 956000006296689