Hi, my name is Rafiki and I’m a big, clumsy, loveable giant. I am not yet used to getting attention all the time so I can be a bit needy, but I am getting better at being independent.
I would do best in a home with someone who is home a lot and doesn’t have any other furry or feathered friends. I need a lot of attention and sometimes underestimate my strength. I have only in the last 12 months been exposed to other dogs, sometimes I get nervous and react towards them. For this reason I can’t be trusted off lead around other animals. I only learned to walk on a lead last year, so I need someone who is willing to walk me on a relaxed lead as I get a little nervous when the lead is held tight. My foster family has been walking me with a halti and I have been learning quickly how to be a good boy on walks. If you’re wanting to adopt me you must be prepared for us to learn a walking and training style together because I can be a little unpredictable when i’m out of my comfort zone.
I love going in the car and I will sit happily and quietly in the back, even on long drives. I absolutely love people, so much so that I usually try to sit on top of them. I just want to cuddle everyone.
My foster family has crate trained me and I sleep happily and quietly in my crate all night, I have also been learning to sit on my mat when inside the house. I’m a bit of a fence climber so my new home will need to have secure fencing or be willing to put up an electric fence until I learn my boundaries, this worked instantly in my foster home. I don’t climb fences to run away, I just want to visit all the other people and dogs in the neighbouring houses. I have mastered sit, stay, wait for food, drop and shake. I’m a fast learner, so if my new family is willing to teach, I am more than eager to learn. I love having baths and often sit myself in the bath in hopes someone will wash me.
I like children but I am too clumsy to be living with young kids as I get a little cheeky when left alone, I also love stealing food from an empty kitchen.
*Rafiki is a beautiful, loving dog who needs someone willing invest a lot of love, time and training into him.*
Rafiki is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and is up to date with flea and worm treatments.
M/chip# 900164001456977
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