Rocco ~ 15 wk old Pointer X ~ Male ~ $400

Heyy there!!

My name is Rocco and I am a 15 week old pointer X.

I am cute, happy, cuddly, boisterous  and did I mention that I am cuddly??

I have been with my foster family for a month and I have already learnt so much during that time. They have taught me some basics such as sit and wait. I am still learning to not use my teeth when playing and not to jump on people when excited which I have been improving on every day. My foster parents believe it is important for my new family to carry out training as I may be small at the moment, but I will grow to be quite a big boy. Because I still use my teeth at times and jump on people when I get excited, I wouldn’t be suited to a home with small kids. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not aggressive at all!! I just wouldn’t want to hurt a small human by accident.

In my foster home there are three smaller dogs and a cat. I like them all but sometimes my energy can be too much for them as they are quiet and getting old. I love the cat I live with, but I play with her as if she is another dog which she is fine with as she probably also thinks she is a dog but I don’t think all cats would be to happy with this. So I am cat friendly but not 100% suited to living with a cat.

I currently sleep inside on my bed and have access to inside and outside when my foster parents are home. If I am outside and I know they are inside I can get upset and may scratch at the door and call out to them so they know they left me outside. I have been working on this and am lasting longer periods before requesting attention.

Sooo my ideal home would be a large mansion with lots of food and gold and shiny cars. Just kidding!! My ideal home would be with someone active because I have lots of energy, someone who has a dog because I think I need a friend preferably one who has enough energy to keep up with me. Someone who is home more often than not because I do get distressed when I am left alone. Someone who will continue on with training, Oh and has a decent size yard. I am crossed with some sort of cattle dog so happy to be put to work also and most importantly, a family who will give me plenty of love and cuddles.

If you feel that you are my perfect humans, please apply for me. I am a good little man and I will make someone really happy.

I am desexed, microchipped and up to date with flea and worm treatment.

M/chip # 956000010283830

If you would like to meet Rocco, you can find our adoption application here: