Ron: 6mth old DSH – $150

Ron is approx. 6 months old and has a truly beautiful personality. He is all the things you could ask for in a cat and more: playful, loving, funny, affectionate, and has even recently learned to play fetch! Having farewelled his siblings to their forever homes, Ron is more than ready to find his own home.

Ron’s day generally begins with a ‘chat’ with his foster family; he will meow back to his foster siblings greeting hello, asking him how he slept, but especially “do you want breakfast”! This cute ‘talking’ is usually accompanied by his purring. He knows that food is coming and shows his appreciation with his vocal abilities, along with lots of leg rubs. After breakfast, he will usually have a long play with his foster cat sibling, then follow his foster family around as they go about their day until he gets sleepy, then he will find a quiet place and sleep for hours! It is also not uncommon for him to snuggle in with his fur sibling while he sleeps. After a sleep, dinner follows, more play time, and as night falls, Ron becomes very smoochy, purring and rubbing his face on his foster mum’s face then either lying on her or next to, purring the whole time and getting up every so often for another smooch! He is simply adorable and will give his forever family so much love and happiness.

Ron easily keeps himself entertained but much prefers company, especially that of his foster siblings (human and cat). He is excellent with them, never aggressive towards them (well, occasionally with his fur sibling but all in good fun!). Ron has a very inquisitive streak in him so would enjoy a home with plenty of places to explore and hide, and would be best suited as an indoor cat due to his pink ears and nose, which would be prone to sunburn.

Ron is growing up to be a very handsome boy and will make a truly wonderful addition to a loving family.

Ron is litter-box trained, desexed, microchippedand up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Microchip no. 982 000 363 569 120