Rosie ~ 11 wk old Kelpie X ~ $400 

 Rosie is a stunning little girl, who spell bounds everyone that meets her. She carries the typical characteristics of Kelpies, but can also be quite calm and easy going. She loves playing with her sister, Milly, and her two foster siblings all day long and is good at occupying herself in the backyard, or inside with her toys. 

Rosie seems to show more affection to males than females, especially young boys. Her foster carer can see her becoming the best friend of a gentle and caring boy who is ready to involve Rosie in everything he does. Saying this she will suit any household who can cater for her energetic and playful nature.  

Rosie is quite clever. She has already learnt simple commands like sit and in the process of learning to wait before eating. She shares the feeding time with her sister with no problems. She is almost toilet trained but still has minor accidents especially in the morning when she struggles to rush outside to do her business.  

Rosie is living with two big dogs, as well as her sister, at the moment. She gets along very well with her foster siblings. Although she shows all the characteristics of a little puppy she knows how to respect other dogs’ personal space. She hasn’t been exposed to any feline friends yet, so it is difficult to predict how she will behave around cats. 

This very friendly and affectionate girl would make a great addition to a home with lots of outdoor space for her to run around. She will need to go on long walks or runs, and be part of your daily life. Considering her energetic nature, she would love to have any canine and/or human siblings who 

 would match her playfulness and provide her with all the companionship and love she deserves. 

 Rosie is desexed, microchipped and is up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. 

M/chip #982000365135678