Rosie ~ 6 mth old female JRT x Dachshund ~ $400
Hi everyone, I’m Rosie. At only 6 months old, I found myself at the pound! My foster humans say that they can’t understand why, because they’ve had heaps naughtier puppies than me in their house before!
I’m a country girl, so I’m still getting used to the big city life. I’m a little nervous in new situations. Sometimes big things scare me, but I warm up quickly if you stick by my side until I’m ready. Soon my tail will start wagging and you’ll know I’m happy!
I don’t really like the car much at all. I makes me feel very sick! In fact, this is why my old humans surrendered me to the pound. They wanted a doggy they could take everywhere in the car, and they were angry at me that I got sick. I do manage short trips ok, and having the windows down helps! My foster Mumma has been taking me on little trips to the shops and back and letting me eat my dinner in the car so I know it’s not too scary. I do love going for walks though, so me and my new forever family can go everywhere together on foot!
I’m a little bit jumpy when I’m excited. I’m working on this behaviour, but at the moment it might be a bit scary for really little kids. For this reason I would be best suited to dog savvy children or children aged 10 and up. I do like to chase birds, so I probably wouldn’t suit a home with chickens that roam free. I have met a couple of cats, they were pretty scary! Mumma thinks with gentle introductions I could learn to live with a cat. As long as you gave me time to adjust.
I know to sit on my bed when I’m told, and I sleep in it all night next to the bed and you won’t hear a peep from me. I do enjoy snuggles on the couch with you too, if you let me! You can even hold me like a baby and I will snuggle into you lovingly.
I can sit and stay, and I’ll wait until you put my bowl down and say ok before I eat my food. I’m still learning to shake though. I walk well on the lead, I do like to stop and sniff things though from time to time, but I’m sure my forever family won’t mind. I’m toilet trained. I have only had one accident inside but it was on the day I arrived and I hadn’t figured out where the outside was yet!
I’m friendly with other dogs, but my puppy playfulness might get annoying for some dogs, so please keep that in mind. I love my foster brother and I try to snuggle in his bed with him alllllll the time and rest my head on him too if he will stay still long enough! I love kids!! My foster humans niece and nephews thought I was the bees knees and wanted to keep me (obviously, coz I’m soooo adorable).
My new forever humans will need to have another dog or work part time, so I don’t get too lonely on my own.
I’m looking for some humans who will be committed to my training and to helping me build my confidence in new situations so I grow up to be a well behaved and confident girl! Also… being understanding of the fact that I prefer foot transport over the 4 wheeled kind is an absolute must!!
I hope there is a family out there willing to give me the life my foster humans say I deserve. I’m looking forward to meeting you forever family. Love Rosie x
Ps. I’m desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.
M/chip # 956000005815621