Rosy ~ 6 mth old Kelpie x Staffy  ~ $400 

Meet Rosy, the gorgeous Kelpie x Staffy who is the sweetest and most well behaved pup you’re likely to ever meet! No exaggeration.

She has been checked by the vets and thought to be about 6 months old, and in absolutely perfect condition without a scar or scratch. She comes when called and sits too, usually ending up on her back for a belly rub though. She likes to lick and give the most adorable puppy dog eyes ever! She will do really well with some formal training as she is a fast learner and loves to play with other dogs.

Whilst having the pleasure of fostering Rosy, I’ve had her interact with my 3 year old daughter and had no issues. She won’t get over excited around her, doesn’t knock her over and will just stand there enjoying the petting from my daughter. Rosy seems quite good with cats, children and even other young, over excited and playful pups. She loves a good play and wrestle with my own pup, and will do so for hours. On that note she can be quite chilled out if on her own or the other dog is relaxing, so would do well in a single dog household or with a friend to keep company. She would do really well in a house where she can get some exercise in, either a large back yard or taken on walks regularly.

She is toilet trained, and will let out a small yelp to let you know it’s toilet time, but because of her age, may have an accident inside if not taken outside just before bed or if you don’t hear her announcements. A solution to this is to not to leave a water bowl inside overnight as she absolutely loves to drink water all the time, and will do so overnight if given the opportunity.

Rosy is desexed, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations, flea, worm treatments and ready to find her new parents and home.

M/chip #982000402854884