Scarlett ~ 12 mth old female DSH ~ $200

This pretty little lady is Scarlett and she is hoping you might be her forever home!

Scarlett is about 1 year old, definitely no older as she is still as playful as a kitten! She is between short and medium haired, with a super fluffy tail.

Scarlett loves to adventure, always finding new places to check out and climb over to get a better view of the birds outside. Bird watching is her favourite thing to do, she would do it all day if she could. While she can be timid and does spook when there is a sudden loud noise, she is quick to shake it off and go back to finding the prime bird watching spot.

This lady is super smoochy and loves a nice good scratch under the chin and behind the ears. She’ll even come up and flop her self onto your hand to remind you she needs a scratch. While she does love a good scratch, she isn’t very demanding and is very capable of entertaining herself if she needs to.

Scarlett very much loves food, and will let you know if you are running late for breakfast, usually by scratching on your door or meowing loudly. She loves her food and will over eat if you let her, she will also take a nibble at your dinner if left unattended.

In her foster home Scarlett lives with two large dogs, she doesn’t interact with them but will happily hang out around them as long as they don’t bother her. She could definitely live with a dog as long as they are very used to cats and won’t expect any love form her.

Scarlett’s ideal forever home would be with older children or none at all, only due to the fact she does spook easily at loud noises, and can play rough when excited.

If Scarlett sounds like the perfect kitty for you, then fill in an application and come meet her!

Scarlett is litter trained, desexed, microchipped, and kept up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/chip # 956000010286418

If  you would like to meet Scarlett, you can find our adoption application here: