Silvie ~ 13yr old DSH ~ $150

Silvie is simply a gem of a cat. This lovely lady found herself at GAR at age 13. Though she had been picked up at the pound as a stray, it has become clear that she had been living a leisurely life and was very well cared for, evidenced by her superior health for her age.

Silvie has passed through her younger years and no longer cares for drama, rough-and-tumble or any real nonsense. Her requests now are simple pleasures. Plenty of pats and attention, company and a full belly is all this lady really demands now. All she wants is people to love.

Silvie is a very affectionate cat, and will devote herself to her human masters with oodles of love. She also loves a good chat, and is quite vocal. While she tolerates her feline and canine counterparts in the same household, she has no real need or desire to interact with them, so it doesn’t really bother her whether they are there or not. This makes Silvie a very adaptable pet for any home, though we believe a quieter household would suit her pace and desires best. Also, due to her light ears and nose, she much prefers indoors away from the harsh UV rays.

Silvie may be on the older side, but is in perfect health and still has many years left in her. She is well mannered and litter trained. If you are looking for a sensible, affectionate cat who will appreciate your company, Silvie is your girl. She is a no fuss, no nonsense lady with so much love to give.

Silvie comes litter trained, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea/worm treatments.

M/Chip: 956000002758883