Sirius ~ 5 y/o Male DLH ~ $200

My name is Sirius.

I am an affectionate long haired boy. I love a snuggle, and will sit next to you on the couch with one little paw on your lap to show you my love. And when you get up I will follow you around to see what you’re up to. I’m not silly, I know where my food comes from!

I have a clever trick where I will roll around on my back fishing for belly rubs. But sometimes I forget what I’m doing and just doze off with all my legs in the air instead.

I am litter trained, and will sit and beg for treats. I can be talkative too. The two phrases I know are ‘feed me’ and ‘sit down’. I am very good at being around other cats, and have even been known to go hunting to find friends. I’m OK with dogs, but I don’t like it when they don’t give me my own space.

I am happy to spend time with my humans and furry family, but will also sometimes retreat to find a nice spot in the sun or a spare room for some alone time.

I’m fine with kids, and am happy to play with them. I love going outdoors but I have to be supervised as I’m a bit uncoordinated and also might wander off to go on adventures in search of friends.

If I sound like the perfect pal for you please apply below. Bonus points if you are a Harry Potter fan!

Sirius is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worn treatments.

M/Chip #982000363325817