Smokey ~ 9 yr old female Russian blue ~ $200

Hi, my name is Smokey, to match my gorgeous grey fur. I’m a very affectionate and calm older lady looking for my fur-ever home.

I have the softest, thickest fur you’ll ever have the privilege of patting (even if I say so myself).

I’m good with children, but am a little skittish of sudden, loud noises. I’ll run and hide in my cosy cat bed if I can. Give me a toy to chase, and I’m after it, especially toy mice and that red dot! It’s only a matter of time before I catch it.

The vet said I have to lose weight (I knew I didn’t want to get out of the cat carrier for a reason), so I’m on a diet right now. I will need your help with losing the extra kilos I’ve put on from my fondness for food, and to get me into shape. Both with a proper diet and plenty of play. I like the play, not so much the diet.
Don’t tell my foster mum, but I try and nibble at the other cat’s food when she’s not looking. I’ll stop if you tell me too though.

My ideal home would be one where I get lots of loving attention. I’ll curl up on you or next to you and happily stay there, and let you know with a head bump when I want more pats and head rubs. I like to be around you, and not left all alone.

I’m a bit hesitant with the other cat in the house, but with time and the right introduction I should be fine.

Carer’s note: Smokey needs to lose just under 2kgs to be at a healthy weight, so you will need to feed her a strict diet and play with her every day to help her. Otherwise she is a very healthy, loving and playful nine year old cat. She comes out of her shell when she’s around people and doesn’t really like being on her own.

Smokey is desexed, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.
M/chip # 982009106130198
If you would like to meet Smokey, you can find our adoption application here: