GAR865 & GAR866

Snickers & Sooty

Snickers & Sooty ~ 2 yr old DSH & 1 yr old DSH ~ $300 together

Snickers and Sooty are two of the cuddliest cats one can have the pleasure of meeting.

Both toilet trained and very well mannered, Snickers and Sooty are very playful and loving. They enjoy chasing each other, climbing and napping together all over the house.

Upon first arriving in care Snickers was very shy, hiding under the bed for hours, only coming out when Sooty was by his side. He is a very sweet natured boy, wanting only pats and cuddles, and always rewarding you with a gentle head-butt and very loud purring. He loves to curl up in bed with you at night, always getting as close to you as he possibly can.

Sooty is a tough little cookie, despite his size, just as cuddly as his buddy Snickers, but a lot more energetic. He always wants to play and cuddle, showing his affection with purring and winding between your legs. Sooty absolutely loves playing, especially with Snickers, but also with string toys and kick toys, often claiming them for himself and Snickers, and hiding them from his foster brothers.

Both boys are a little bit cautious when it comes to meeting new people, however once acquainted, they won’t want to leave your side. When it comes to other cats, Snickers is quite timid at first, and Sooty quite rambunctious. But with time and a little bit of patience, they will soon become fast friends with their new family members. Sooty often helps Snickers with his confidence when he is feeling shy by encouraging him to come out and play or by joining him for a cuddle and nap.

They both interact well with children, but have not been exposed to dogs, best suiting a forever home with a family who loves a cuddle just as much as they do.

These two beautiful boys are available for adoption as a pair; due to the strong bond they have developed during their time in care.

They are both desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date with worm and flea treatments.

M/Chip# 900006000258763 (Snickers)

M/Chip# 900006000254894 (Sooty)