Spike ~ 6 months old DMH ~ $200

This little dude is Spike! Can you believe this little cutie is still looking for his forever home?

Spike and his sister Sara have got to send off their little sisters to their forever homes, now it’s their turn!

Spike is A cool dude, pretty chilled, and always seems to be napping! When he’s not napping he is running a muck with his sister Sara. Chasing ping pong balls, the draw string on your pants, and their canine foster brothers tail! They just love chasing their foster brothers tail, but he doesn’t mind it’s fun for him!

Spike is an inquisitive little man, always checking out new places to nap and look for food. Spike does love his food! Sometimes he can’t wait for the food to be scooped out of the container so he gets in the container to help himself!

Spike is a bit more needy compared to his sister, he loves affection and attention of any kind. He even doesn’t mind being held like a baby for cuddles! Spike loves to give you head buts and will jump up for a hug and a kiss if you sit down near him. He is the first one on your lap always wanting affection, especially chin and ear scratches, he loooves his chin scratches!

Spike has been living with 2 dogs and has met a variety of dogs since being in care, starting as small as a Pomchi to as large as a Great Dane, and Spike loved all of them! Spike has also been introduced to young children and wasn’t bit fazed by their excited screaming and being picked up!

Spike would love to go to a forever home with his sister Sara but would be just as happy with another feline friend and even a canine friend as well!

Spike would suit pretty much any house hold but requires a feline friend to keep him company and play with.

Spike is litter trained, desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

M/Chip: 956000009368875

If you would like to meet Spike, you can find our adoption application here: