Spike ~ 6 months old DMH ~ $200

Hey guys! My name is Spike! (my foster mum named my litter mates and I after The Land Before Time movies). I am on the hunt for my forever home! So far, my hunting skills haven’t been so good. I’ve been looking for the perfect forever home since before Christmas! Can you believe it? I can’t! Look at me, I think I’m pretty handsome and have never missed a toy on my practice hunts.

I’m a very confident little man, always the first to check everything out. Whether it be a new toy, animal, human, or food! I am the first one there to make sure I don’t miss out on anything. My foster mum thinks I have a little too much confidence but I personally think I have enough, could maybe use some more.

I am a super smoochy boy, I love to give head butts to any human to let them know I want attention and if they stop giving me attention I just head but them again! I am always straight on your lap as soon as you sit down, I love to jump up and put my paws on your shoulders and give you little kitty kisses! i just love to tell all the humans I love them, I even give my doggy foster brother kisses all the time. He gives me kisses back too. We have a pretty awesome bromance going on.

My favourite thing to do is play, I love to run from room to room with my mouse toy in my mouth! Anything dangling is fair game in my eyes! Headphones, hoodie strings, pony tails, shoe laces, my foster brothers tail! You name it and I will try play with it! I am a very active kitty, but it only lasts about 20 mins then I’m pretty pooped and want to nap!

My foster mum has been exposing me to different people, dogs, cats and other animals since the day I came into foster care. I have met a range of dogs in all shapes and sizes, I have also met a few adult cats and even though some didn’t like me I wasn’t fazed by them at all! I also live with 2 Guinea Pigs and a bird, they are pretty fun, I like to stick my paw in their cages and tease them!

I would love to go to a forever home with another friend whether that be a doggy or another kitty, I don’t mind, but my foster mum thinks I’ll go crazy with out a friend to play with. I would be happy to join just about any house hold, the more humans and animal friends the better! That means more playtime for me! My foster mum thinks I would adjust fine to a house with children as not much bothers me, I’m pretty cruisey.

If you think I sound like the perfect dude to join your family, then fill in an app and come meet me! I’m sure you’ll think I’m cool as!

Spike is litter trained, desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip: 956000009368875

If you would like to meet Spike, you can find our adoption application here: