Tank ~ 15 mth old Staffy x ~ $400

Hi, I’m Tank and I’m a 15 month old Brindle & White English Staffy X. My foster parents can’t quite pin what I’m crossed with, but I definitely have a big handsome Staffy Smile!

I haven’t had the greatest life so far. I came to GAR a bit skinny, and with a crooked tail. At some point in time I broke it, but don’t worry, it still wags fine – So you’ll still know when I’m happy, which is pretty much all the time!

In the time I’ve been in foster care, I’ve learnt to sit on command, wait for my food (eagerly, it always makes everyone laugh how excited I get), and sit on my bed when I’m inside (most of the time). I sleep outside under cover on my bed or in a kennel, and you won’t hear a peep out of me. I’m still working on my manners inside the house because I have had a little trouble understanding that play time is for outside not inside. I have been crate trained, and I’m a very good boy when I’m inside it. At the moment my Foster Mum and Dad let me out when everyone is sitting down, and as long as I don’t mess around I can sit with them, if I start to get a bit silly, I have to go back in my crate for a time out. I don’t have any accidents if I’m inside though. I know to walk to the back door.  I walk well on the lead after about the first 5 minutes – I get so excited I’m actually out walking! I hope you don’t mind stopping from time to time, I like to sniff everything! My recall needs some work because I get distracted by other dogs. My foster parents have been taking me to the beach on a 30 metre rope so I can run, but so they still have control if I decide to keep going. Mostly I’m just happy to stick by them, but they like to be sure!!

I can jump really high, my foster parents actually needed to add some height to their fence to keep me in, so I would be best suited to a secure yard. I do jump up and down a bit when I’m excited to see you, so I would suit older children better as I may have a bit too much energy for smaller children. I don’t dig holes, and I haven’t shown any destructive behaviour. I stick to my chew toys – I love my Kong with peanut butter, YUM!!

I am currently working on my behaviour with other dogs and whilst I’m generally friendly with most dogs, I would prefer to be your only dog. This is because I haven’t had a lot of love in my life until now, I’m still getting used to it and I’m not keen on sharing it. I haven’t shown aggression towards my furry foster brother (in fact we play quite well and have recently started sharing a bed), but I do tend to jump all over him to get you to pat me instead. As soon as you start to pat me I roll straight over so you can rub my belly! I like to be the one getting allllllll the attention.

I’m not very fussed about the bath and I try and jump out of the tub. I do like the beach, although I only like to be in the water where I can stand up, but I love to run in the sand.  I don’t like the hose much either, I usually run away when it comes out. My foster mum has been keeping me cool with frozen carrots (I love them, my whole body wiggles when I hear her cutting them) and frozen chicken and beef stock treats!

I slept straight through the fireworks near my foster home over the New Year period, and I wasn’t really bothered by the lightning and thunder we had with a recent storm, but I didn’t like all the water everywhere, that was scary! I haven’t spent any time with cats, so I’m not sure if I like them yet or not! I’m not food protective or toy protective. I do love a good game of chasey and tug of war! I’m fine being outside while you work, as long as I have some shade, my Kong and fresh water. I won’t bark or get anxious when you leave.

I’ve been attending Dog Training classes with Jimmy at Jimmy’s Dog Training in Wallington, he is helping me with my manners and my behaviour around other dogs. I’m getting much better! He says my new owners must be firm with me so I can continue my training, learn your rules and further work on my social skills. Oh, I’m very responsive to treats, which helps with my training!

**can I smell Smackos????**

I’m searching for a forever family who will love me for the handsome devil I am, could that be you? I hope to meet you really soon forever family, Love Tank.

Note from my Foster Ma: Tank has lived with us for about 6 weeks and he is such a happy young Staffy. As with most dogs, he took a few weeks to settle into a new home, it must be scary being with strange people all of a sudden. He would suit a single dog family, or a family with a submissive dog so Tank won’t feel threatened. He was de-sexed at 14 months, which is 8 months longer than recommended for a Staffy, so he is still trying to unlearn some of the dominant behaviour he learned in his previous environment, and would benefit from ongoing training. He’s a people dog rather than a dogs’ dog, because people give best pats! He has responded well to firm handling which we have reinforced with treats and pats when earnt. He is especially responsive to commands from a male or deeper voice. We hope his forever family will be understanding of this, and continue to work with him to give him the best life possible. If you do, Tank is guaranteed to make you double over with laughter and fill your life with love.

Tank is up to date with worm and flea treatments. He has been vet checked, de-sexed and deemed in perfect health!

Microchip No. 956000004293681