GAR964 & 965

Tilly & Nala

Tilly & Nala ~ 1 Year Old Female DSH’s ~ $300

Hi! Our names are Tilly (tabby) and Nala (tortoiseshell)! We are approximately 12 months old, but we are super super tiny and we make up for the size of one adult cat between the two of us! We look like kittens still, and I think we’re going to stay this little!

We met in the pound before Geelong Animal Rescue, and ever since we have been inseparable. We are up for adoption together. We love each others company, and we really are the most low maintenance kitties you will find.

Since being in our foster home, we have come out of our shells completely! We like to wander around the house when it suits us, and we now sneak and sleep on our foster mums bed at night! Although we do want to say that yes we have come out of our shells, but we have so much more room to grow. Sometimes we still get scared by loud noises, or even silly noises like the toilet flushing!
I am the noisy one (Tilly), I’ll talk to you all day and night if you’re keeping me company. I love pats, am, sooo!!! smoochy, and I am just starting to like to play!

Nala is the quiet one, content on laying in the sun looking outside at the nature. Nala likes pats, but she will wait for the pats to come to her! She also loves belly rubs and will roll over for them!!

Our favourite things to do are, sit by the window and watch the world go by, sleep on the end of our humans bed, hiding under the bed, and just getting pats and having naps!

One great thing about Nala and I is that we’re both dog friendly! And not just dog friendly, but BIG dog friendly! Our current foster sister is a Great Dane x Ridgeback and we really don’t mind her company! Our foster mama says that she’s walked in on us all napping together and its the cutest thing ever!
We have so much love to give and are just looking for love so if you’d like two lovely companions please consider us into your forever home!

Love Tilly & Nala

Tilly and Nala are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worming treatments.

M/Chip #

Tilly 982000405918846

Nala 982000405918859