Tippy ~ 16 wk old female DSH ~ $200

Tippy – so named as she has the slightest white tip on her black tail. She is the largest kitten in her litter. A very solid girl who is 16 weeks old. Tippy has been hand reared since coming into care at 2-3 weeks of age.  Tippy has a very high pitched miaow (squeak) which she will unleash if she cannot find you! Tippy needs to know where you are and where her litter mates are. She is very social and likes to be amongst it all the time! She has a lovely personality. She is not fond of her own company and prefers to be with people or animals all the time. She also likes to sleep on the bed with “mum” at night. Tippy is socialised with other cats in the household and large dogs. She is quite happy being an indoor cat and will sleep in patches of sunshine during the day. Tippy is an ideal companion cat. She needs to bond and be in close contact with her owner as she is an “in your face” type of girl.

Tippy is litter trained, desexed, vaccinated, m/chipped, deflead and wormed.

 M/Chip #982000405917518