Toby ~ 5 Year old Male Greyhound ~$400

Hi! I’m Toby!
I may only be 5 years old, but I’m already retired. My foster Mum tells me I’m so easy to look after. I love to sleep all day and party alllll night. Just kidding! I sleep through the night, and I don’t ever wet the bed. During the day I love hanging out with my foster bother. We chase each other around the backyard, then have naps together. He loves to sleep just as much as I do!
When I first moved into my foster home I didn’t know I was supposed to wait for my food, but now after some work I’ve learnt to be patient until I’m allowed to start scoffing that yummy stuff down! My foster family has tried to teach me something called sitting, but I just don’t like doing it.
I have play dates every week with my foster cousins. My new friends include dogs big and small so this means I can live with a dog of any size. None of those pesky cats though! I don’t like them at all. I could easily be happy as an only dog, as long as my owners didn’t leave me alone in the cold all the time. Being a greyhound means I’m more susceptible to the weather. I love nothing more than curling up on my bed while my foster family watches TV, except maybe going for walks…even if I have to wear that silly looking muzzle in public.
I have also met some little humans in recent weeks. I was told to be gentle so I tried my best. I accidently knocked one of the smaller ones over with my nose because I’m a bit clumsy but otherwise I think I did really well… under supervision of course! I’m great with all the bigger sized humans though, especially when they give me plenty of pats. I could live with young children as long as we are all properly supervised.
I’m told I can be a big goof ball. I think it’s because I have a big smile that I love to show off to everyone. I get so excited when my foster family comes home, or gives me food, or pats me, or walks past me, that I can’t help but show them my pearly whites!
Toby is desexed, microchipped and up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.
If you would like to meet Toby, you can find our adoption Application here:

Microchip #956000008855458