Tully ~ 4 Yr Old Female Australian Bulldog ~$400

Tully – Gaelic meaning – Peaceful…

That’s funny, because she’s far from quiet! She’s more of a bulldozer, steamroller…..or battering ram!

Tully is a lovely lady, gets along well with other dogs, although she can be dominant with very submissive dogs. In her 4 years, she has never been around cats….until now. She is coping ok, she does try to chase though, not to hurt them… just playing. I believe with time and patience she will learn to live alongside them.

Tully is ideally suited to someone with experience with bulldog breeds, or at the very least, has done a lot of research. Tully already has a bit of an issue with her joints due to her shape. The vet has suggested she be fed a good quality joint food and/or joint supplements. Her weight also needs to be kept at a reasonable level.

She absolutely loves people, is great in the car and has not shown any aggression. She would be suited to a family with older children, she would knock little ones over.

If you think Tully looks like the kind of dog you wish to share your life with, apply now. She is going to be popular, so please bear that in mind when applying.

Tully is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip# 943094320343735