Wilbur ~ 13 Week old American Staffy X ~ MALE ~ $400

This little dude right here is Wilbur!

He is the quiet one of the litter, he is a little bit sooky, loves to snuggle and loves to nibble on your toes.

Wilbur is a bit of a dork. He hasn’t quite got used to his own feet yet and stumbles around like a little drunk man. He is a funny little thing to watch, he loves to pick out his favourite toy from the toy box, but he has to get in the toy box to find it. While he is searching for his favourite toy, he is also calling for it using various grumbling and squealing noises. Once the best toy is found he takes off with it, straight to his bed where he will roll around barking and growling at the toy. He is pretty good at amusing himself if he needs to.

Wilbur does love to run around and play with his big foster brother. He especially likes to jump on him and bite at his neck skin whenever he gets a chance, that chance is usually when his foster brother is half way through an afternoon nap. Wilbur would need an understanding doggy friend in his forever home, one that isn’t going to get too mad if he accidentally scares them. He is normally a very gentle player and is nowhere near as rough as his other siblings.

Wilbur is almost toilet trained but will still have the occasional accident like all young pups. At night Wilbur can sleep from 10:30pm till 4:30am before he needs to go to the toilet, some nights he does make it to 6am. He will sook to let you know he needs to pee.

This little man needs a forever family that will be committed to training him to be the best boy he can be. Wilbur isn’t super food motivated and it can be hard to keep his focus so he may be a bit more difficult to train than your average pup, but he is very eager to please so I am sure he will learn any tricks in no time at all.

Wilbur is a sweet little man who needs an understanding forever family, committed to taking on a large breed dog. He is crate trained, dog, cat and child friendly. He needs a back yard as he does love being outside playing around with his foster brother and favourite toys.

If you think you can give Wilbur that perfect forever home fill in an app and come meet him, he can’t wait!

Wilbur is desexed, microchipped and up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip # 956000010574576

If you would like to meet Wilbur, you can find our adoption application here: