Xander ~ 13 wk old male DSH ~ $200

Xander is a lucky black cat as he came into care at around 200g with plenty of health challenges – ulcers on his skin, a scratch on the eye which has resulted in a slight scar to the eye and ringworm.  Thankfully Xander is a determined little guy who with the help of vet intervention and medicines is now fully recovered from all challenges!  He is full of energy and life.

Xander is mostly silent – does not meow unless in the car going to the vet. Despite this he does communicate by looking squarely at you and lavishes affection on both people and other animals alike. Xander has been raised indoors in the close company of several kittens, adult cats and large dogs. He is just one of the guys and mixes well with everyone.

Xander is a typically playful kitten and loves to snuggle up on beds and sleep with his foster family members. He will need extra care, supervision wise, as he will not make a noise if he is shut in a cupboard or is in distress.  He would suit a person /persons looking for an indoor companion cat – people who like to have a cat follow them from room to room, sit on laps and sleep on your bed. 

Xander is litter trained, people, cat and dog friendly. 

He is looking for a nurturing home where his lack of vocalisation is not a barrier  to a happy safe life indoors.

Xander is vaccinated, microchipped, desexed, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip #982000405917458